We buy and ship for you!

AVICA will be your typical 'tagaBili' or personal shopper in the Philippines.

Are you craving your favorite Filipino delicacies? Or are you looking for items from the Philippines to sell in your business from different countries around the world? We've got you covered.




You provide us with a shopping list, and we will shop and ship for you. Please keep in mind that we do not mark up the price of the item. We only charge Php500 for our rider's gas fee. We also offer a "Buy Now, Pay Later" policy, which means that we buy the products first and then send you an invoice and a waybill for shipping. We will always provide updates, and we will be available for you every step of the process until you receive your package at your foreign address.

Are you ready? Let's fill in your cravings or let's take your business internationally.

Send us your order list, and we will start the buying process.